Nokia 1100 Dead Shorting Water Damage

How To Find Shortage in Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 Dead Shorting
Nokia 1100 Water Damage
Nokia 1100 Damage With Wrong Charger
How To Find Shortage in Nokia 1100

1....remove the coil mark in (1)...if u want to check is pf is short remove it and check shoting...if it is shot then replace it... 2....remove display light ic v320 mark in (2) check the shoting cause by this ic ...if it is shot then replace it...this ic got +b from batery..... 3....remove the torch light mark in (3)....because this light got +b from batery,...........this light got shoting in set when ur set is water damage ..... 4.....remove ringer ic mark in (4){this ic is only placed in 2300.}........if u want to check shoting remove it and check if shoting is gone replace it because ringer ic also got +b volt from battery.... 5... at end the if shoting is not gone then uem is shot...

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