Replace iPhone Charging Base Problem Solution

Damage to the lower loop Apple iPhone immediately affect the operation of the elements contained in it. First of all, this is a built-in microphone, sensors, buzzer and a socket for recharging. In the very first iPhones lower loop is responsible for the functionality of the buttons Home.

The most common causes of damage to this part - the negative mechanical effects in the inaccurate reference (the phone has been dropped or suffered a stroke when shaken in a bag), getting into the water. In each of these cases is only one solution: the replacement of the damaged item. Repair of the lower loop will trudnoosuschestvim iPhone and simply not profitable financially.

For the failure of the system of the lower loop of the Apple smartphone characterized by the following symptoms:

1) The phone stops recharged from the mains or from a USB port on your computer.

Typically, the problem is caused by wear and tear or damage to the connector. Change it separately, keeping cable, expensive and unwarranted. Need to change the entire trail;

2) The microphone is faulty.

It can be expressed in reducing the sensitivity of the part or complete loss of functionality. Sometimes you can get by changing the microphone separately, but often entirely replaced the lower loop iPhone;

3) difficulty hearing (or work interference) polyphonic speaker.

As in the case of deterioration of the connector, it is much safer to change the entire lower loop system. Otherwise, in the near future we can expect new challenges;

4) Home button does not respond to any button.

This problem is typical for the first iPhones. In all cases, the need to change the cable with the proper value;

5) lost the functionality of all these parts at once.

You may have lost contact with the motherboard loop system. Also, could suffer a track on the board.

Judge whether it is possible that a single loop only replacement of the defective or have to repair (change) other details, will be possible only after the diagnosis of the state of the machine at the service center.

Repair time may vary depending on the case. If the problem affected only the lower tail, and all other loose items remained unharmed, the estimated duration of the work will be about one hour.
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