Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Home Key Jumper Ways Problem Solution Repair

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Home Key Jumper Ways Problem Solution Repair
One of the most important physical key that is on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100 is your start button. Start button can be said that one of the core iPhone buttons, and this is mainly because it is the button that allows you to perform various functions including: Leaving the home screen from any number of applications, close all applications execution and to perform various other functions.
You probably can not use your iPhone 5 with a Start button problematic because it will not only problem in a variety of ways, but also irritate him to the masses.
Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Home Key Jumper Ways Problem Solution Repair
In the following lines you get to know about all the possible problems of the Start button Samsung N7100, reasons for these problems and their solutions:
Samsung N7100 Home button does not work.
Delayed response when the start button is pressed.
Button Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note II Home stiff back.
Reasons for Problems
One of the most common reasons for home button issue is that the phone can be water damaged, and this can occur even due to a drop or a little moisture.
Delayed question the answer is usually due to the fact that the phone may be out of space or I could run a series of heavy applications at the same time, thus delaying function.
The particles of dust or dirt can also attach under the start button, thus making it is hard or very hard to press
Solution Hardware:

When it comes to hardware, the first thing you need to do is unplug strip start button and check the connector on board for loose contacts.
connector strip s4 start button and onboard connector
Clean both shoots start button and its connector on board, after you plug it in again and check.
In the strip display case still has a loose connector contact board to change the entire strip base load (Start button is in the range of base load).
Ask bridge as shown picture.
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