Samsung Galaxy Ace S6802 Duos Sim Card Problem Jumper Ways repair solution

Samsung Galaxy Ace S6802 Duos Sim Card Problem Jumper Ways repair solution

Here is the solution for Samsung Ace S6802 Duos for the problem of inserting the SIM card or the phone will not recognize or detect any SIM card inserted to it. We track the SIM card pin connection as shown in the image below. We can use it for ease of troubleshooting if the error problem Insert the SIM card into the device occurred.

Insert the SIM card error.
Phone Book inaccessible.

Restart the phone.
Remove, clean and reinsert the SIM card.
Check with any SIM card.
Samsung Galaxy Ace S6802 Duos Sim Card Problem Jumper Ways repair solution
Reasons for Problems
It could be due to dust on the contacts of the SIM jacket.
It could be due to defective capacitors. If any of them is faulty, then it will affect your overall function of the SIM card.
Emission could also be due to IC card SIM.

Procedure Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos S6802 hardware insert the SIM card
Clean SIM contacts jacket and verification.
Check all capacitors with a multimeter, if one of them is faulty replace it.
Check all forms of traces from the SIM card connector with a multimeter, if any of them is to make a defective bridge.
If all else fails, then gently heat the SIM card IC, if that does not work, then re-ball or replace or remove Sim IC IC and make a bridge with the help of Jumper Wire.

Solution Samsung Galaxy Ace S6802 Duos Without Sim Card Problem Jumper Ways

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