samsung s7262 no service solution

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 Network Problem Solution Bridges Jumper
Samsung GT-S7262 Signal Ways Bridging Solution for Network Problems
This publication is for Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 network troubleshooting. If you are experiencing poor network connectivity or No Signals at all on your Samsung S7262 check the diagram in this post.
[caption id="attachment_20940" align="alignnone" width="700"]samsung s7262 no service solution samsung s7262 no service solution[/caption]
There is a very thin possibility that you will get this type of problem but if it happens you should check the signal antenna and your connector pads are connected properly and there is no disturbance between them. Signal Antenna pads are placed on the back of the motherboard. If for some reason you have damaged the Samsung GT-S7262 signal antenna pads, I have marked your jumper forms in this diagram. Be very careful when doing any hardware repairs.

Samsung Galaxy Star Pro S7262 Network Antenna Hands
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