Huawei Ascend Y320 touch screen Jumper Solution

Huawei Y320-U01 most common error is a multi-touch slot Volt Pi Touch Not Guilty.
Data (control or signal path also instantly) .Data is not in error .IC volt awake does not currently work with. I just woke .Control in order to operate in hydrology.

[caption id="attachment_22510" align="alignnone" width="618"]Huawei Ascend Y320 touch screen Jumper Solution Huawei Ascend Y320 touch screen Jumper Solution[/caption]

See the Y320-U01 touch diagram.
Besides the Pin Volt int reset scl sda cpu is a direct signal from the control path .Volt set then you can not touch control channels.

Route Control signal Oscilloscope and traditional headdress exact frequency farther. We can not buy. Also does not stall. Supervisor control pin error, you can not feel good. Approximate estimated .Digital multi meter grease.

So I'll feel good control pin .Digital meter diode scale. Meter lot at Ground consideration. I want to cast out of the pin and each will produce .Ohm emerged. Ohm then it's good anyway.
Ohm route means no I do not feel well .Board pin, run the ohm and the board negative pin, run the ohm 10 ohm while the upper low, 4 Route 4 I do not feel well. (I need a sample measuring board)
(Ohm path to the power of the traditional board)

See Diagram .Pin pmic VIO18 PMU from 1.8V R drive from cpu scl sda int reset signal and then a combination volt signal .Volt not be held in a small R drive signal comes, if you miss (ohm means no route (way) 4) short of the 4 cpu if possible.

Board ohm traditional
pin2 int 0,380 load up. I called the 380 ohm easy use. (except ?????? ohm meter. Remember meters as the Gold Coast.)
Pin3 scl shows around 520 ohm.
Pin 4 sda can not be considered 520 ohm load. (SCL and SDA must be nearly as ohm. If you miss than 10 ohm error.)
Pin5 reset shows around 570 ohm.
Good bye, then no touch board error must be a way of searching Pi.

Now ending soon.
Y320-U01 touch, out of the data path in the small board on the screen as shown in the picture turned up the data way it usually is. Cpu output pin kids board still ohm output over a short path to the CPU places Ohm will be invalid if CPU.

(Some boil rotate.
Sensor boil.
Flashlight removed.
Touch the three shared values ??SCL SDA i2c path that's used in the IC are in this section if error can not touch me.)

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