Huawei G730 Back light Ways Jumper Solution

Huawei G730 Cell Phone Screen Repair Light Problem Solution Jumper Ways

This post is all about Huawei G730 fix phone screen problem solution. If mobile phone scree display is not working good or the screen light is not working. Huawei G730 cracked screen repair is only possible with phone screen replacement. But if the screen is not broken then replace phone screen is not required.
[caption id="attachment_24169" align="alignnone" width="1000"]Huawei G730 Backlight Ways Lcd Jumper Solution Huawei G730 Backlight Ways Lcd Jumper Solution[/caption]
If Huawei G730 screen is blinking or dim light having blank scree. In all these case we have to disassemble the smart phone and check screen jack if there is any rust carbon or damages of screen jack pins.Huawei G730 phone repair tutorials are given in a few more posts so you can search other repairing problem solutions here.

If screen jack have no any fault then the above mobile screen repair diagram will help you to find out tracks that are used in screen function of Huawei G730 replace phone screen with new one for testing.

All tracks are indicated in different colors so that you can find out the points where you can apply jumpers to repair phone scree.Broken phone screen can not be repaired. And solution is only possible with phone screen replacement.

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