iPhone Camera Not Working Problem Solution

Failure of the iPhone's camera phone owner denies the possibility to do a photo and use some applications (such as a barcode scanner or meter pulse). In itself, this problem is not fatal, but quite unpleasant: still limited to the functional unit.

Why is not working in iPhone camera? What causes this error?

• The most common problems with the camera due to its breakdown. This component of the unit is quite fragile and can be damaged by the slightest shock, not to mention the fall of the phone.

Repair a broken camera too expensive: much cheaper to replace it with a new - original and fully compatible with the specific model of iPhone.

At the service center, this procedure takes no more than 40-50 minutes.

• The camera may fail if the terminals were oxidative reactions due to ingestion phone liquid.

As in the previous case, the item can not be repaired and replaced intact. You may need cleaning internal telephone from oxidation.

• If the camera has no visible damage, but still does not work, perhaps failed her tail. Most often it is because of the same reasons: moisture and negative mechanical impact.

As the train and the camera is a single module, changing both parts.

• Camera iPhone may not work due to violations of the integrity of the tracks on the PCB or any other components of this detail. Determine if this is the real reason for the eye can not - will need thorough diagnosis phone. After this procedure, the master will announce further order of activities, as well as mark the approximate dates and exact cost of repair.

Trying to resolve the problem yourself you should not: Apple iPhone - a complex machine with their specific configuration. One sloppy manipulation may lead to an entirely new problem. As a result, the phone will still have to carry in the shop, but the cost of repairs decent increase.
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