iPhone 6 Camera not Working Problem Solution

iPhone 6 Camera not Working Problem Solution

iPhone 6 Camera not Working Problem Solution iPhone 6 Camera not Working Problem Solution iPhone 6 camera
try to replace it with a new camera
rehot camera ic LDO in U600 and U601
if it is still as before .... check the voltage of his work in C609 and enable it in the R606 camera and his camera clock at iPhone 6 see the picture below
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iPhone 6 Camera not Working Problem Solution

I had a chance again to repair the iPhone 6 after swimming in sea water, after the general recovery remained faulty camera error "Unexpected error. Restart your phone " .

By simple inspection, found that there is no supply voltage of 1.8 volts camera. Responsible for it marked on the stabilizer circuit phone iPhone 6 as N1515 , unfortunately without any labeling. First I would like to power the camera from the voltage VIO is also 1.8 volts, the camera certainly earned after I gave food, but the phone went to reboot after a few seconds the camera.

Replacement stabilizer N1515
Find similar stabilizer of phones Nokia , which is on disassembly I could not, but found the stabilizer to the required settings in the phone iPhone 6 . Stabilizer from Samsung is marked R1114D181D-TR-F and position number U320 , where he also serves as a stabilizer on the camera. That's him, the camera on the phone began to work as expected, without any reboots. Stabilizer is made in a small package, place it on the board Nokia N8 was not difficult. Firstly removed the faulty N1515 and choke L1515 us as they are no longer needed, connect terminal B1 and B2 together and connected to the 6th conclusion (switching control), A2 is connected to the 1st conclusion (supply voltage Vbat ), to simplify layout and minimize wires mounted second conclusion is soldered to the body and the third output (output of 1.8 volts) on C1 . In general, a compact and properly. More clearly seen in the photo:

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