iPhone 6 Insert Sim IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways

iPhone 6 Insert Sim IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways

In case of sim sim problem on Samsung J1 Galaxy Ace J110 will be shown insert sim, yes invalid, and can not show signal.to solve Samsung Galaxy J1 As J110 Insert Sim Solution IC Bridge Problem Forms we have to do a few simple steps How To Give It In This post.in first step replace your sim and try it.scratch SIM points on the mobile slightly then try.
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After this assembly, check all the sim jack points on the motherboard with meter.check all these parts and track that are given in the diagram above and if any of them lack jumpers to make the route in good condition. If components are missing Replace them with new ones.

You can also change the simic and you can apply jumpers after removing ic from the motherboard. There are some posts also to describe how to make jumpers in sim ic to solve the insertion of sim problems.

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Before you replace or repair the sim card connector sim card make sure the connector is really problematic and in fact you should replace or repair, please carefully the 6 sim card connector iPhone , When it is positive in trouble, please correct if they can in repair, Can no longer be repaired please replace the new SIM card connector, do the replacement SIM card connector iPhone 6 well, can only be removed with only one Blower, and to insert the SIM card can only be done with solder, because If you use the blower can not, why not? Because under the PCB SIM card connector too capacitor or ic resistor, what is more likely to fall if you are forced to put the SIM card connector by means of a blower under the PCB, by inserting the SIM card by the address Of the blower From the top or side of the SIM card connector would be useless, after the plug termination of its SIM card connector plug is also broken, so the only way is to install the SIM card connector through Of welding.

Check the voltage on the line as shown above and make sure that everything produces voltage.
If there is a line does not produce voltage then you have to make a bridge as shown above.
If all four lines have produced a voltage, try inserting the SIM card and turning on the cell phone.

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iPhone 6 Insert Sim IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways Sim Not Working Sim Not Valid

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