Huawei Ascend G730 Battery Connector Ways Jumper Solution

Battery charging phones when there had been no sense of to proceed. ...
When phones do not need to know the phone battery.
If do not know if there is a battery or battery without no longer charging.

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The battery usually stump (3) and (4) a stationary point. I'll just common stump (4) batteries.
At the end of the stump and the negative edge of a stationary object. I started this year in connection with the stump
1.VBATT (Battery Volt)
2.BT or BAT ON (Battery Temperature)
3.BSI or BID (Battery Identification)
4.GND (Ground), among others.

In the negative (GND) and the stump stump stump BID.
The phone battery, according to publicly report its stump. Normally a good phone, if you look at the meter scale အုမ်း GND and between the BID 10KR object.

If I charge the phone via the charging voltage line phone has the power to begin to wake up to the required voltage. PMU started working at 1.8V route R (R910), whilst in the BID rated voltage. BID within 1.8V through additional R (R911) for the CPU sends AUXIN_BAT_IC stump remained.

If you leave the battery CPU AUXIN_BAT_ID Battery Detect stumps called PMU is sending roughly voltage. If the battery if the battery in the BID stump 10KR negative line (GND) and feet herself. For that reason, the original aspects of the existing 1.8V battery 10KR value has changed since the CPU stump AUXIN_BAT_ID a shift in values. If the value is changed, the CPU has battery soon.

I'll tell you a way to test.
Knitted phone charging the battery before starting the stump BID voltage. If you have around 1.8V normal. Each battery voltage. The route to go around 1.8V to 0.45V BID battery is a good thing, either.

Charging When charging a grandchild ...
Battery is OK, Make sure to stump good battery.
Before I became like a battery charger and battery with a stationary voltage can charge a modest 4.2V good. If no voltage is estimated R909 Check Q302.

BID stump, if you look around 1.8V voltage from PMU sends BID good voltage lines.If the battery voltage, a stationary dock R910 and PMU as well.

VBATT 4.2V BID charging at 1.8V and has not yet R911. And replaced with a similar phone R.
The rest of the C909 and D901 occasional shocks, but is less common.

Some phones allow banners Please plug out your charger mostly BID route so daunting.
The phone can then aggregate think the public have to understand the path for your battery.

When next Your battery temperature is too low / too high Error Please tell us more about how it is done. .

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