Huawei G730 Backlight Ways Lcd Jumper Solution

The phone may be used for the LCD image. LCD display image is divided into two parts with a (display) FLASH background to a section (Backlight). Picture Display good, but it is the Backlight will not see a good image.

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Backlight, the backlight to LED bulbs are often used. LED roughly need to pay around (2.5V to 3.0V). LED idea to use a little (series), I need to pay depending on the number of LED voltage. 8 requires around 10 and use 30V use will need to pay around 24V. Now LED attached to the positive voltage supply VLED A negative voltage supply from the stump to stump to VLED K contains two stumps. Some phones use the LED 12 6 to continue to compete with the (parallel) to three lives. VLED A stump meant VLED A stump. The VLED K stump published VLED K1 and profoundly to VLED K2 stump stump. Such phones are attached to the LED 6 years and, as such, need to pay around 18V. But require twice Amp LED series.

LED supply voltage depending on the number of required now. Voltage Powered by Blogger. Phone battery standard (standard) is 3.7V. We need, let's say 24V. How to reach 3.7V to 24V boost they got. DC volt is easy to want to reduce the original of the lower voltage, but the rush to promote easy.
DC volt in order to boost the DC into AC must change first. I'll make you want to regenerate the DC volt AC first. DC will change the AC will work Coil. It used Baclklight bow Coil Booster Coil.

If you can enter into the make of the DC volt Coil Coil occurs, according to the theory of magnetic field in the AC. Now directly in the DC Coil minus the switch circuit (switching circuit) and add Coil becomes AC. Switching Service will be responsible for the IC. IC embedded FET Open Gate baby stumps off signal several times (On Off Signal) for just the stump IC SW (switch) will not be a negative voltage. Now stump SW Coil well be given a negative voltage is almost becomes Coil AC.
Coil happening in the AC Rectifier Diode using SSD to make DC. Diode converter to stabilize the DC Condenser and control software.

Some phones Condenser LB Coil outgoing traffic whilst LED Anode has a positive voltage supply. The high-voltage lines that cut through the LED A LED K rode Switching IC feed back into the return path (feedback). Such positioning Backlight generated by using a high-voltage LED really know.

Switching IC and negative voltage lines using all private R LED K creates a negative voltage required for the cell phone.
Small LED K pathway underlying R value is usually around 10 -15 Ohm ailments. Small R hand negative voltage path route from Ground will hand Ground. It's normal. For some reason, if the LED Ampère (eg water) Backlight can affect us. The path of such LED Kathode Current Limit set by R to children can not be more than Ampère.

Huawei Ascend G730 LCD Display Light IC Solution Jumper Problem Ways LCD Display Light Not Working

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