Huawei Ascend G730 Mobile Phone Back light Jumper Solution

Backlight Let's check before it reaches the supply voltage. MTK phones according to the supply voltage (power supply at 4.0V and connected there is 4.0V). Qualcomm phones is less than the supply voltage depending on the phone a little better. IC and Coil C near the recording voltage. When no voltage voltage directly from the PC. Some phones, make sure to check small Fuse Resistor cuts.

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The supply voltage via Booster Coil (L1301) Rectifier Diode (D1301) Filter Conderser (C1301) across at the top. If you see the top of the C1301 C will remain, according to the voltage. Good touch Coil Diode can roughly.

LED supply voltage via the LCD Socket reach Anode. Now stump LED A more modest, as the supply voltage Backlight LED circuit contacts. If the supply voltage anywhere routes are interrupted and, as such, it would have reached the Backlight VLED A LCD Anode. The phones most common sin and so you want to study. If the high-voltage lines, the company's existing C1356 and LED A is not alone.

LCD socket onto his stumps to be sure if you can see pine submitted thin heating oil. Children stump details escape using the lens blank check. Usually VLED A tree stump are often cut off from escape routes.

Some phones have The Bright Control PWM path back through the LCD. If LCD socket is empty if the LCD is broken can not go because he comes to the PWM voltage.
Screen ON OFF switch IC's LCD DRI EN route reaches voltage. When the Screen On 0.6V or higher. When no voltage if the OSC can not work under high-voltage hot. This route is used in a small R R boiled kids escape feeling. CPU to go the direct route has since broken chains are hard to beat. Some phones have often PMU. Screen On Off switch to open the closed voltage converter is often passed convenient location. In most cases, the CPU sends toy DSI takes over from the route.

If EN At the route and PWM do not give out the high-voltage. EN On Off, but not so easy to PWM of little value, depending on the Bright Control over because of a change of a voltage to be easy. PWM circuit according to EN Route cable to the high voltage output value, but because it happens Brightness can not. For that reason, the PWM PWM channels continued to benefit from the money.

VLED A path LB are often irregular. Meter enter in contact. LB easy to find and continue to use your direct cable disconnected. VLED K1 and VLED K2 LCD light FB LB children break free from the path, if it is necessary.

Normal in the high-voltage output is less than a voltage to see if Booster Coil. Coil Turn Short are low voltage, it is necessary. Similar phone should be replaced by the same Backlight Coil. Replace if there is no other phone Backlight Coil. The PMU Coil and Coil elsewhere can not be replaced. Week of weeks of their differences. Backlight Coil week is more likely.

Each diode between both sides try a new meter. If both sides of the new game. Elsewhere on high-voltage, high-frequency use and, as such, is replaced Diode will use hot and burning.

Now is the supply voltage. Coil, Diode Condenser also exist. LCD will spend all socket contacts. I already try the new LCD. LCD DRI EN been reached. Even so Backlight If you are not yet try new Switching IC. Similar must be replaced from the same stump.

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