iFixit's Galaxy Fold teardown reveals its biggest design flaw

Despite Samsung's recalls, iFixit demolition specialists have managed to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold and open it much more than it already does.

Although it is better to read the entire tear, here are some of the points of discussion raised by the article:
[caption id="attachment_28179" align="alignnone" width="561"]iFixit's Galaxy Fold teardown reveals its biggest design flaw iFixit's Galaxy Fold teardown reveals its biggest design flaw[/caption]
One of the areas of concern is the gaps around the phone. Although we already know that the Galaxy Fold is not protected against entry, the spaces are rather large around the hinge and can potentially be a place for small particles to jam and block the mechanism or even damage the device. display.
The phone has two batteries, as we already know. That of the left half of the phone is 2135mAh and that of the right half of 2245mAh.

The board has silicone gaskets around the flexible cable connectors, probably as a very minor protection.
The motherboard is also divided in two. The right side panel is the one that contains all the important bits, including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, storage and radio units.
The inner screen is surrounded by a thin lip of 2 mm which can be peeled off. iFixit notes that the frame surrounding the internal screen is not wide enough to protect it enough. They also noted that the lip could peel off itself over time because it was easy to remove.

Of course, the screen is surmounted by the famous 'advanced polymer that protects later', which can be taken off. This causes some permanent damage to the internal screen.
The display has a connector placed on the side, which means that it is mounted laterally. This is why there is a "frost effect" when scrolling, an effect we had previously observed on the OnePlus 5 and whose OLED screen was mounted upside down.
The mechanism of the hinge looks well designed and durable, but contains a flexible cable that connects the left half to the right. Although the hinge itself can last up to 200,000 folds, as Samsung claims, it remains to be seen if the cable will survive for a long time.

The phone received a 2/10 of iFixit, which also reflects the ease with which you can open and repair it yourself, apart from its durability. The phone itself was relatively easy to access, but the components are fragile and may be impossible to replace by the user.
IFixit experts also suggest that there are several reasons why the smartphone fails in the hands of readers.

For starters, OLED panels are quite fragile in themselves. They are much more delicate than LCDs and a simple crack in encapsulation can cause irreparable damage. OLEDs themselves are very sensitive to oxygen and moisture, so any damage to the outer layer is critical. So bending the screen itself only creates problems, unless very powerful elements prevent it from remaining united. Which brings us to the next concern.

OLED panels also look like clean rooms - they are sterile and dust-free. This means that you do not want your daily dust to accumulate and fall under the preinstalled screen protector which is also not a screen protector, according to Samsung.

Over time, the dust will accumulate and settle under the protective layer of polymer. The hinge is another way to go under the layer. It does not appear to be airtight and Samsung has not assigned any IP rating. Therefore, when the user opens and closes the phone in different environments - usually not sterile - the dust can easily pass through the openings of the hinges.

Samsung may have tested the design of the hinges and the long-term durability of the panel with robots, but keep in mind that these robots operate in a clean room and apply exactly the same pressure on both sides each time they open and close. . Humans, on the other hand, will use the phone on the outside and open it and close it in different ways.

So far, however, our unit has held up, with the exception of a few minor flaws that we noticed during the review. Stay tuned for the full review in the coming days.

In the meantime, you can view the complete evaluation of iFixit on their website (link below).VIA
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