Samsung reportedly recalls Galaxy Fold review units

One day after issuing an official statement and delaying the launch of its first collapsible phone, Samsung apparently launched a global reminder of Galaxy Fold devices sent to technical reviewers and members of the press. According to Reuters, Samsung is asking the testers to return the devices so they can perform a thorough analysis of the screen problems.
[caption id="attachment_28032" align="alignnone" width="592"]Samsung reportedly recalls Galaxy Fold review units Samsung reportedly recalls Galaxy Fold review units[/caption]
Update: Shortly after the publication of this article, representatives from Samsung contacted us to tell us that they would actually need our Galaxy Fold review unit.

The whole fiasco was caused by the diversion of the screen protection layer by some users, which caused a malfunction of it. Others have reported screen bulges, making half of the display useless. Be that as it may, the device has sustainability issues. It is therefore preferable that Samsung solve the problem before more consumers use it.

Yesterday, the company announced the temporary postponement of the release date of its new device. This news was announced just days before the planned release of Fold in China, South Korea and the United States.

As Samsung does not cancel the phone, pre-order customers will always be first online when the device is finally available. Samsung said it would update buyers with specific version information within two weeks.

Samsung said its main goal was to improve the device and offer the best possible experience to consumers. That's all we have for the moment, we'll make sure to keep you informed once again, the details come out.
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