Smartphone brand Realme expanding in Southeast Asia

Realme was announced last year as an affordable series of Oppo, just to separate later into an independent brand that still uses the infrastructure of its parent company. Interestingly, the company is present in many markets in the Asia-Pacific region, but none of them is the homeland of China.
[caption id="attachment_28035" align="alignnone" width="727"]Smartphone brand Realme expanding in Southeast Asia Smartphone brand Realme expanding in Southeast Asia[/caption]
Now, it seems that this will inevitably change, since Realme has created a Weibo account, a first step that many other companies have crossed before launching their campaigns in the country.

Yesterday the verified account asked "Did you hear that I'm back?" Today, the dubbed announcement was dubbed "I'm here, I'm Realme", ​​accompanied by a picture of a person bravely jumping The sub-brand is willing to go even further in its development . And if you think it's a joke, the company's founder, Sky Li, is a fan of the new account.
Currently, Realme is available in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and others. The brand also offers its devices in Egypt via Jumia, where the Realme 3 was presented yesterday. However, the Indian division has a head start, with yesterday's launch of Realme 3 Pro and Realme C2. Only time will tell us which devices will appear on the national market and we will follow closely.
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