The Xiaomi Mi 6 is finally getting its first Android Pie beta

Last month, Xiaomi released an official calendar for deploying Android 9 Pie on some of its devices. The Mi 6 was already on the list, with the expected release of a beta version of Pie in the second quarter of this year.
[caption id="attachment_28065" align="alignnone" width="810"]The Xiaomi Mi 6 is finally getting its first Android Pie beta The Xiaomi Mi 6 is finally getting its first Android Pie beta[/caption]
Well, this is the second quarter and, unsurprisingly, it's out now. Note that this is a beta version and, therefore, it is only a good idea to install on a phone other than your daily driver. You must also accept the possible presence of bugs, broken things, these kinds of things.

For the general public, although this is not useful in itself, it is a good confirmation that Xiaomi is still working on the release of a final non beta version of Pie on the Mi 6. As usual with the devices of this company, do not expect to see huge visible changes - these come with the new versions of MIUI. The Mi 6 has been operating until now with MIUI 10 based on Oreo and it is still on MIUI 10 only with Pie.

The update has a size of 1.5 GB and will operate your phone MIUI 10 9.4.22. According to XDA-Developers, some people who tried to install it could not restart their phone afterwards, so again a fair warning: it's not for sensitive souls. If you still want to try, click on the source below for the download links.
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