TikTok is back in India after court lifts its ban

The TikTok app is no longer banned in India after a Tamil Nadu court overruled its decision to ban app downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Initially, the platform encouraged the dissemination of explicit content and "cultural degradation" after concerns for pornography and exploitation of children.
[caption id="attachment_28265" align="alignnone" width="705"]TikTok is back in India after court lifts its ban TikTok is back in India after court lifts its ban[/caption]
Following a call from the developers of TikTok, Bytedance Technology, the ban has been lifted and you can download the application again.

Technically, the platform was still available to Indian users, as long as they had the app on their phone - the state court only banned downloads from app stores. Currently, the app has been downloaded almost 300 million times in India, with over a billion downloads worldwide.

By and large, the app only offers special effects for users and their short recorded videos, but some politicians and Indian parents said the content was inappropriate. The company said a "very tiny" part of the bids was obscene and is now suing for $ 500,000 a day in "financial losses".

However, a more serious problem lies in the fact that apparently all social media can be banned by mere whim, further damaging the freedoms of people and living in the world's largest democracy.
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